Advanced Study and Training in the Alexander Technique

Learning While You Teach, Teaching While You Learn… The Simple Basics of the Alexander Principles Brought to Depth

Where: The Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge
1692 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
Cell: 617-413-1638 Office: 617-497-2242

Course Emphasis

Increasing practical and theoretical knowledge of the Technique to sufficiently using the principles and concepts that are the basis for the Alexander teaching in your work or current practice.

We will be exploring ways of working with ever greater degrees of awareness of what it means to withhold definition about what we teach, given who we teach so the person might learn what they need to learn and not what we need to teach. There will be a distinct emphasis on the clarity and simplicity of both explanation and practice when using your hands to convey the principles and concepts embodied in Alexander’s teaching. We will look at the value of bringing the work to the person as compared to bringing the person to the work. Bringing the person to the work does certainly have obvious rewards; it provides the student with an integrated experience not otherwise available to them given their commitment to their habitual ways of involving themselves in a given life activity. However, when we emphasize the person, we have the chance to illuminate their potential, rather than correcting their habits. We will use our habitual nature as a point of reference to look more closely into the possibility. For you personally, the course will offer authentic ways of experiencing yourself that better clarify your life’s purpose.

This training meets once a week, 4 hours per week, for 30 weeks per academic year. A total of 500 hours is required to qualify for a certificate of Advanced Study and Training in the Alexander Technique. You will, therefore, need to fulfill 100 hours during your period of study in special classes, projects or workshops relating the Alexander work to your own professional interests. 

The annual commitment fee: $500 annually, due upon enrollment, and thereafter by June 1.
Annual tuition for 2017/18: $3,000, paid upon enrollment.
Total: $3500

At the conclusion of each year of study, your comprehension of the Alexander teaching will be assessed by the faculty, and recommendations will be given about how to enhance your understanding to successfully apply the teaching to your profession.

This course is being offered due to a substantial number of requests that have asked me for more in-depth work on a more consistent basis, closely aligned with the content of workshops I’ve given over the past years in Europe, Asia, Canada and the USA, but for those who do not wish to train to teach, but wish to more deeply apply the principles of the Technique to their current teaching or field of study.

Where to Stay
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I welcome all of you who have expressed an interest in an Advanced Level of Study and Training in the Alexander Technique.