Career and Life Enhancement Training


Career/Life Enhancement Training is a course for professionals from any health, science, education, or creative and performing arts discipline who have already realized the value of incorporating the principles and concepts of the Alexander Technique in their own lives and who wish to communicate them within their own professional field. Career/Life Enhancement Training is a series of courses that Tommy Thompson offers several times a year in Cambridge, MA. Participants are trained to articulate and apply the principles and concepts of the Alexander work, but are not being trained as Alexander teachers.


When experienced Alexander teachers take this course they often experience the Alexander work with a sense of renewed acquaintance with what inspired them when they first experienced the teaching.

When trainees take the course, they often experience a more people oriented, and wider, more life oriented view of what they are training to teach. When anyone from any walk of life takes this course, they experience a deeper, and more receptive sense of self in relationship to their activities, to connections with others and to their lives in general.