Online Mentoring


Individual and Group Online Sessions

Over the years, many teachers who have taken workshops with Tommy have expressed a wish to continue to develop their skills and explore workshop themes under Tommy’s guidance. Tommy has developed a method to mentor teachers online. Via Skype, Tommy can observe a teacher or group of teachers as they teach, and provide mentoring. In addition, as teachers put into practice the content they have learned in Tommy’s workshops, they often find that further questions arise. Tommy is available to talk through any issues and offer practical suggestions as each teacher brings his or her own Alexander Technique teaching to new levels. Thus, online sessions can involve either Tommy observing a teacher or group of teachers as they work, or a conversation.


Note: Tommy is not available for long discussion by email.


The following fees are based on an internet session with one Alexander teacher working under Tommy’s guidance with their client (student). If other teachers are attending the session, as either observers or participants, the fees will be adjusted.

  • $170 for the hour per individual