Private Lessons with Tommy Thompson

Private lessons with Tommy Thompson are available at the Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge.

About Tommy

Tommy has taught the Alexander Technique for 43 years, working with professional and Olympic athletes, dressage riders, scientists, physicians, corporate executives, professors, high school teachers, university presidents, health care professionals, body workers, musicians, dancers, actors, children, infants, the disabled, and people in nearly every walk of life. Known for his deep compassion and profound insights, Tommy is a sought-after teacher both privately and in workshops around the world.  Read more about Tommy. 

What To Expect in an Alexander Lesson


In the initial session, Tommy uses light intentional touch and verbal cues to gently guide you into a deeper kinesthetic awareness of your habitual patterns of use. Then once you have identified how you might be contributing to the conditions present that lead to pain and discomfort you are taught how to inhibit continuing to reinforce the behavioral patterns which manifest physically. You might lie on a treatment table (always fully clothed) sit, stand, move about in habitual ways, or engage in a specific or common everyday activity, such as sitting at a computer, playing an instrument or thinking through a life issue. Tommy’s focus is on working with the potential inherent in every individual, rather than on correcting or focusing on use in a negative sense.

Clients with chronic pain generally report that they leave a lesson feeling more integrated, lighter in their being, more emotionally calm, experiencing more fluidity in movement, and reporting a substantial reduction in pain– or more often than not a complete elimination of their pain. Clients working on improving their performance in music, theater, dance or sport often find that they are connecting at a deeper level with their endeavor and their audience, finding richer meaning. Problems with technique and creativity often resolve– as the artist or general client lessens his or her commitment to a habitual use and a more appropriate use can emerge, improving technique

In one experimental study conducted with brain surgeons they unanimously reported greater dexterity in their operations after having Alexander lessons. 


To Schedule a Lesson

Contact Tommy by phone: 617-413-1638 or email: to schedule an initial appointment.

Many clients know right away that they want a series of sessions, and others do not. What Tommy always suggests is to set one session and based upon your initial experience, should you and he feel the work will speak to your needs, book several more sessions so that you can personally determine whether you feel continued study will be of benefit to you. 


Private sessions with Tommy are:
$170 for forty-five minutes (most common but entirely the client’s decision)
$190 for one hour
$110 for a half hour

Tommy also has a sliding fee scale for circumstances in which the client truly cannot afford the fee. For example, the elderly on a fixed income, a full-time student, disability, loss of job and the like.

Tommy works with musician Julian Large.

Tommy works with musician Julian Large.

Cancellation Policy

A 48 hour notice for a cancellation is required.  And the client is expected to cover the lesson fee if this advanced notice is not given. The only exception is a true emergency.


When using Paypal or any online payment from the website, the payment transaction should be completed prior to a given session.

When not paying online, please pay by check or cash on the day of the session. Checks may be made out to:  Tommy Thompson or to Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge

Please inquire should you like to pay by Bitcoin.