Showing Up

(a way of meeting yourself being yourself in the process of change)

I ask myself this question…

Have I shown up this morning certain of who I am, fully satisfied and comfortable in my knowledge, insight and understanding?

OR…to divest myself of habitual thinking,

Have I shown up with horizon all around, my heart and mind a blank page to write that which I have never thought,
or anticipated I could perceive or understand,
allowing myself to be informed by,
and redefined by my experiences I will surely have.

For change to actualize,
I need to experience that moment of highest tension
between what I hold to be true,

and what truth holds for me
and at that moment, let go of all I feel the need to hold onto,
and merge, meld, fall
and enter completely into the moment surfacing.

For me,
Change takes place when I see things for what they truly are,
or seem to be,
and not what I need for them to be.

then I let myself be moved by what I see,
and I am changed.

And I become the man,
and I become the woman
I become.

And, when I introduce myself to the next person I meet,
I will introduce myself to them, who I have become
and not who I used to be.
For who I have become is now who I am.
I am present

For now, anyway,

Until I show up again with horizon all around,
eager for the blank page

© Tommy Thompson, Cambridge, MA 2007